Screenshots? Screenshots!

Map View

Take a look! Here are all the charging points in Hamburg.
But aren’t there more than this? There sure are, but chargEV only shows those charging points that are compatible with your car’s specs and match your preferences. You’ve configured your car’s specifications in chargEV and only want to see those charging points at this very moment where you can charge right now and for free. Include again:

  • compatible with your car
  • open now
  • free

And now there aren’t so few after all!
You can customise the display whenever you want just by tapping on the filters you want to activate.

Tip: The pin colours tell you how quickly you can charge at the charging point.

iPhone and iPad Support

In a rush?
Don’t need to see a map? Not a problem!
Without even needing to unlock your iPhone, the Today widget shows you a list of nearby charging points.

chargEV uses your most recent filters to search for nearby charging points that match these criteria.

Simply tap on a charging point from the list to see its details in chargEV right away without having to take a detour via the map.


Know which charging point you want to drive to?
Another good thing – if you’ve searched for a charging point in chargEV before, Spotlight will find it for you automatically.
Simply enter the charging point’s full or partial name into the search bar on your iPhone.
Spotlight will then find it for you immediately and offer you two options:

  • tap the found charging point to display it on the map in chargEV
  • tap the navigation icon to start planning your route directly to the charging point using the Maps app.

All roads lead to Rome, err, we mean to the charging point – from the chargEV app, the Today widget and of course, Spotlight.

Your iPhone can do everything – and chargEV won’t stop you either.

Split Screen, Multitasking

Like using your iPad to plan your trips? Great!

chargEV loves to share the big screen with other apps as it supports both Split View multitasking and Slide Over on iPad.

This makes it a breeze for you to plan your trip using Maps and your charging stops using chargEV.

And don’t forget: filters, vehicle specification, favourites, check-ins… they’re all available on iPad, making it easier for you to plan your trip.
Even in full-screen mode, chargEV is a really practical way to get an overview of the charging points in your vicinity or in other countries – you just get a bigger overview.

Thanks to iCloud support, all your favourites on your iPhone are displayed on your iPad too.

chargEV in action!

Spoiler alert!

Take a look at this short clip, which shows just a few of chargEV’s many cool functions:

Here you will see

  • filters
  • other users’ check-ins
  • a charging point’s details
  • the navigation function

But hey, you can actually save yourself the time.

Just download chargEV for free from the App Store now.

Download on the app store


Discovered an issue with the app? Got a great idea for the next killer feature?

We have an issue tracker on Github:


Alternatively, drop us an email: chargev@ev-freaks.com.


See our chargEV Privacy Policy (currently only available in German).