At last, chargEV has found its way into the App Store.

Since the end of 2016, so for more than one year, code has been developed, a beta programme – which now has over 1,000 users – has been established and feedback has been discussed on over 70 pages and 700 posts on

It all began life under the project name EVPlugFinder, now chargEV is firmly rooted in the team’s and testers’ every day EV lives, and it has more than proven its worth – that’s right, life is unimaginable without it.

When the threat loomed that a test version was about to expire in the summer of 2017, the testers shouted out that they would be reluctant to complete their EV holiday trips without chargEV – there is no greater praise, thank you!

We are deeply impressed by the amount and the quality of the feedback, and look forward to the future of chargEV – there’s no lack of ideas and requests for future updates, that’s for sure. :)

We look forward to seeing your feedback in the App Store and on Twitter, and want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year (we hope the bodywork makes it into 2018 without a scratch) and that you get to enjoy some peace and quiet to relax after an eventful 2017!

All that remains before we click the magic “Publish this post” button is to say a

huge thanks to everyone who has supported us, all the beta testers and their families for putting up with them!

In particular, a massive thank you goes to:

  • Guy Weemaes, operator of the GoingElectric forums for the amazing support
  • Godehard Erichlandwehr, for his fantastic help with graphics matters
  • Gerrit van Aaken, for his support with design aspects
  • Christopher Cook, from Open Charge Map, for his support
  • All beta testers and supporters from the GoingElectric forum
  • All EVists for updating and reporting charging points on the directories

Thank you!

Your chargEV team