Important note about the problem that chargEV may not show any stations when running on iOS 13

The issue

Deep down in iOS 13 a bug has survived the beta tests and causes an issue in chargEV. This issue results in chargEV not showing any charging stations and asking for filter settings to be changed. This issue only affects the app when the “Number of charging stations” slider is changed after iOS 13 installation. Many other apps are affected by this as well.


Until a fresh version of chargEV is available on the App Store you can use this workaround to get chargEV working again:

Important Note: When using this workaround, app settings and your preferences will get reset (Connector Types, Fast Charging Power, Check-in nickname). Make sure to backup these settings using screenshots or simply write them down somewhere.

Check-Ins and Favorites will remain untouched as they are stored in your iCloud account.

Follow the below 4 steps to get chargEV up and running again:

  1. Delete the app from the device
  2. Install the app again from the App Store and launch it. Make sure to grant the new iOS 13 privacy permissions.
  3. In the settings, make sure to NOT mess with the “Number of Stations” slider!
  4. Apply the other settings again (Connector types, …). Again: don’t mess with the slider!

In case you want to talk to us you are welcome to join our Slack: Alternatively, email

At this point we’re unsure wether we’ll release a hotfix version on the App Store or not as review times are quite long on the App Store. Maybe this issue gets fixed auto-magically in an upcoming iOS 13.x release – there are a lot more apps affected who all have informed Apple about the issue. However, we’ll keep you posted!