We were actually expecting the need to provide an update much sooner – after all, software is very rarely 100% error-free. Typically, even if you do the most rigorous testing you still find that a few bugs smuggle themselves into a release.

As you may have noticed, it’s been a long time since any update.

Despite leaving no stone unturned in our searches through the support inbox and crash logs, nothing significant turned up. It seems chargEV passed its first health check-up with flying colours!

We made some subtle changes here and there as well as fixed some rare, well-hidden bugs that only a handful of users would ever have found.

Here are the details on our first check-up:

Explanation: The explanation about the search radius slider is now easier to understand and less technical.

Coordination: The way filters are displayed and their availability now reflects the selected directory – making it clearer which options can be used with which directory, and which cannot. chargEV now also adapts immediately when directories are changed.

Sense of direction: We fixed a well-hidden bug, which in some cases meant that while the desired position was set as the reference point, the map didn’t display it in the centre – instead, it didn’t display it at all. Oops.

But what’s happening with the updates you want to do?

It’s very clear – work needs to continue! We’re not resting on our laurels; quite the opposite. It’s just you won’t really notice much at the moment, not in this update anyway.

We’re working hard on getting things ready for a big update. There are legal issues to sort out, a company to establish and discussions to be had with potential partners. So, there really is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Think of it like a little baby, sleeping most of the time so synapses can form and the brain can undergo the incredible development that makes the infant a toddler.

We’re really happy with everything we’ve achieved so far, and are in good spirits looking forward to the future – after all, the end of our to-do list is lurking out there somewhere.