chargEV 2.0 now available from the App Store!

Version 2.0 sounds like a giant leap forward – it is! We’ve been hard at work to bring you many new features, plus we’ve been tinkering under the hood to tune up the app and zap bugs. You might well ask why did we go rewriting parts that worked brilliantly already? Well, we did it to make the functions we’re currently working on possible – with version 2.0 of course all ready for you to take for a spin. Let’s just say, we’re not revealing anything else!

Version 2.0 already offers you these tasty little treats:

Charging points are now easier to navigate to as it’s more straightforward to use addresses and locations in your favourite navigation app

  • New: what3words navigation aid with voice output, customisable to the car
  • New: The postal address is now linked and offers additional iOS options with a long press (copy, send, etc.)
  • New: The GPS position is now also displayed
  • New: The details view now features a map of the vicinity

Improved push notifications

  • You will now receive push notifications in the language you set in iOS
  • Improved notification formatting

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

One of our specialities is getting by with as little data as possible – that’s why chargEV still works brilliantly even with just an Edge connection. And this very same principle applies to your personal data.

TLDR: We know next to nothing about you. And that’s a good thing.

A few other tune ups:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Cheerio iOS 9 – without you, chargEV is much faster
  • Improved display on the new iPad Pro
  • Optimised map display

What’s next?

Just like practically all of our previous releases, there have been short or long periods of silence – sometimes even deadly silence – from chargEV and EV Freaks. Do we intend to make this a tradition? No, completely the opposite!

Seen as we’re only working on this project on the side, it’s nice to earn a crust in between. But thanks to the overwhelming army of users of what is for us a hobby project and the very encouraging feedback, we are finally starting to get our act together and bring order to things. We’ve got a visit lined up in Q1 2019 to see the notary, which will change a lot of things. From that point forward, chargeEV will be able to grow up and mature in an orderly fashion with the founding of the limited liability company EV Freaks GmbH. This will enable everyone involved to turn a hobby into a professional venture. What comes of it and where it takes us is something that we too will only see at that point, but we’ll be sure to report back here.

The first chargEV alpha versions are already being tested which are taking an experimental look at the next logical step in the app’s development: from researching and finding out information about charging points to active use while driving. What all this means exactly is something we’ll leave up to you to decide! Currently, we’re keeping everything under a virtual camo wrap – but before long you may see a picture or video slip out on Twitter ;)

To close, we’d like to wish you all a happy and peaceful time surrounded by those who mean most to you – with our fresh new release of chargEV 2.0 at your side for those all-electric trips to the in-laws, your siblings or kids in the worst kind of EV weather.

Always remember: charge when you can, not when your battery’s about to die!

Your chargEV Team