…but before we begin – the story so far:

There hasn’t been very much new to see for all you users out there. The reason for this is pretty simple: We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on developing a feature-rich, powerful backend which we’ll need for all the cool features we’re planning.

But as such a backend isn’t much good without good data, we’ve been investing a lot of blood, sweat, and resources in building relationships with charge point operators including Fastned, Ionity & Stromnetz Hamburg; becoming members of smaller CPO hubs; and also getting accepted and onboarded to the big fish in the pond.

We’re not following the approach employed by many other “independent” apps; we do not latch onto badly secured APIs of CPOs or MSPs without asking. We simply want all the data from official sources, with signed contracts. These connections and business relationships have enabled us to get the data we need for all the stunning features we’ve been beavering away on and continue to work on. However, all this happened in the background – so it all went unnoticed by you, our current users. We can only apologize for that, but we can say it was worth it. You’ll see soon with version 3.0: A small group of testers has already had the chance to put some of the new features through their paces, and they confirmed what we already suspected: “They’re cool!”.

…what’s going to happen shortly:

This summer we’ll release chargEV 3.0 on the App Store. This will be the basis for upcoming features and updates. Our small but awesome group of beta testers went to town on testing all the new tech so you get to enjoy a totally slick experience – some new features even originated from discussions in our beta testing Slack channel (thanks guys and gals!). There will be fantastic new filters, a new approach to pin colors, a new details page and, where appropriate, pin clustering – and lots more besides. Following on from 3.0, there will be a few minor and major updates with some surprises in store for everyone.

…what’s going to happen over the course of this year:

We’ll be releasing a host of bigger updates with a load of features we ourselves eagerly want and which you’ve all been waiting and asking for. One at a time.

Thanks for sticking by us over the exciting past few years. As I said, things seemed silent, but the repo saw some intense coding action: Building databases, implementing and designing APIs, teaming up and building relationships, developing new tech, disposing of older code, starting all over again with the coding, reviewing features… Man, what a journey!

We promise to be more active in sharing on more channels – Instagram, Twitter, and maybe some audio content? … We’ll see.

Til next time!

Your EV Freaks Team