Our story…

…begins with a colleague whose interest was sparked in 2016 in only using a purely electric vehicle to get around. And as this colleague has the tendency to always take an all-or-nothing approach to what he does, it wasn’t long before an EV appeared in his garage. He then went far beyond what you’d consider normal, and started ‘inviting’ those around him to share in his thoughts, ideas and projects.

This is how the Slack meetup comprising other EV drivers as well as recently-converted aficionados from Hamburg and Stuttgart. Even without the typical meetup rituals, people were vocal in often contentious discussions, ideas were shared and one state of affairs or another were bemoaned – so it wasn’t entirely coincidental that a project was born: chargEV.

Ideas and projects are only the half of it. Getting such a time-consuming project up and running requires dedicated people and structures that allow you to work efficiently on the common idea, share tasks, make arrangements, and overcome the many major and minor hurdles.

The EV Freaks brand

The aficionados also needed a name at some point in 2017 – and owing to the incredible diversity within the team, they opted for one that connected them all: the electric vehicle. So they simply go by the name EV Freaks, as ultimately nobody can truly deny this anymore.

EV Freaks GmbH – as well as the chargEV app that’s been developed – are run as a joint venture of cron IT GmbH founders and the founders of Wordcrafts GmbH.

Press Kit

Download our small press kit (currently available in German only) here.